Lincoln Prep Faculty & Staff

Please find an alphabetized listing of the Lincoln Prep administration, faculty and staff.

Adams, Troy

ESS Aide

Ashton, Brandon

Lit/Comp, History

Baker, Sarah

Lit/Comp, Poetry

Baugh, Christa


Bodnar, Samuel

Math Fundamentals, Pre Algebra

Bowers, Stephen

Physical Science and Earth Science

Bradley, Jenn

Athletic Director

Brandt, Tracy

Studio Art

Brundage, Dina

ESS Coordinator

Button, Jackie

Testing Coordinator

Cummings, Jenn

Director of College Counseling

Denny, Olivia


Desai, Rima

ESS Aide

Edmondson, Wil

Physical Education

Frumkin, Nathan

Math Fundamentals, Life Science

Graves, Corrie

Choir, Music

Green, Ira

U.S. History and Lit/Comp

Harrah, Drew

Ancient History, Medieval History

Harris, Eric

ESS Regional Coordinator

Harris, Laura


Hill, Cindy


Hodge, Jonathan

Lit/Comp, Ancient History

Kinsley, Caroline

Lit/Comp, Latin

Krantzman, Ronna

Academy Giving Manager

Logan, Kata

Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry

Maza, Sarah

Algebra I, Algebra II w Trig

Michieli, Nick

504 Coordinator

Mitchell, Benjamin


Nguyen, Christy

Pre-Algebra, Math Fundamentals, Life Science

Parrish, JD

Studio Art

Posner, Colleen

Humane Letters

Quenneville, Joshua

Pre-Algebra, Physical Science

Reed, Nichole

School Health Assistant

Revis, Ros

Front Office Assistant

Rodriguez, Malachy


Schubring, Paul

Humane Letters, Latin

Shaw, Amy

Assistant Headmaster

Somsen, Blake

Lit/Comp, Spanish

Thurau II, John Paul

Geometry, PE

Tope, Eric

Dean of Students, US History, Lit/Comp

Warner, Joan

Office Manager